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A tracker for Indoor and Outdoor rowing

The only rowing computer and logbook you need to get ahead as a rower.

A summary of the features available in the oxun rowing app

It feels like having multiple apps in one. Featuring an analysis tool to see your rowing frequency, indoor and outdoor rowing tracking, a single logbook with powerful Apple Health integration and a builtin calorie tracker.

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Seamless Integration with Apple Health

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Syncs with Apple Health, bringing a new level of convenience and insights to your fitness journey.

All your rowing data is effortlessly consolidated, providing a holistic view of your health and wellness.
Unlock Comprehensive Metrics: From indoor sessions on your favorite rowing machines to outdoor adventures with Oxun's GPS tracking, every stroke contributes to your Apple Health profile. Track your progress effortlessly and harness the power of data to optimize your performance.

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Indoor Rowing

One Rowing App - Many Rowing Machines!

Whether you row indoors full-time or it's off-season. Use Oxun to record your erg sessions with support for

  • WaterRower with the S4/S5 performance monitor and ComModule (needed for Bluetooth connectivity).
  • TechnoGym SkillRow Erg
  • And many other Bluetooth rowing machine that supports the Fitness Machine Service (FTMS) Protocol
FYI, the FTMS is a standardised Bluetooth protocol for fitness machines that many erg manufacturers follow.
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Outdoor Rowing

Your iPhone, more powerful than the Apollo 11 guidance computer, plenty enough to row outdoors with.

You already carry your phone when rowing outdoors for safety reasons - So simply hit record in Oxun and it will track your GPS locations during your erg session.

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Record your Heart Rate using an Apple Watch

Instant insight into your workout intensity.

With an Apple Watch that is as mobile as you are. See your workout intensity whether you're on the land or on the water.

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An illustration of a rowing logbook

Rowing Logbook

One Rowing logbook, to rule them all!

A single rowing logbook that allows you see all your indoor and outdoor sessions - alongside your recorded heart rate intensity. No need to use separate apps to track your outdoor sessions.

A image showing the rowing logbook available in the oxun rowing app