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Elevate Your Performance with Apple Health Integration

A summary of the features available in the oxun rowing app
We understand that achieving peak performance requires not just dedication but also insights and integration with other data stores.
Being able to access your rowing data outside the Logbook opens up opportunity for sharing your recorded data with other apps such as the Apple Health app.
A screenshot of a user's heart rate data synced to the apple health app from oxun rowing app

Your HR data saved to Apple Health ❤️

Your health data, all in one place. With Oxun's Apple Health Integration, we've seamlessly connected your rowing sessions to Apple Health, creating a unified hub for all your fitness metrics. From heart rate data to workout duration, every stroke contributes to a comprehensive overview of your well-being.

A screenshot of a user's fitness activity rings being closed from Oxun workout data recorded to the Apple Health App

Closing your fitness rings becomes easier

Whether you're a fan of WaterRower with S4/S5 performance monitors, TechnoGym SkillRow Erg, Open Rowing Monitor, any Bluetooth Fluidrower model or a Concept 2, Oxun has you covered.

The app supports recording to Apple Health regardless of your rowing machine

Outdoor workout + Workout Routes = ❤️

A screenshot of a user's outdoor rowing workout route along the river spree in Berlin, Germany, saved to their Apple Health App

Embark on a personalized fitness adventure knowing your workout routes are saved to Apple Health.

Now, every stroke becomes a recorded journey, providing detailed insights into the distances covered and the scenic paths chosen. Elevate your fitness experience by reliving the unique routes of your rowing sessions, seamlessly integrated into Apple Health. Make every workout memorable and uniquely yours with Oxun. Sync your routes and let each stroke tell a story.